Regulatory Education

JPMA is responding to changes in our industry and our nation’s government by delivering a portion of the JPMA Summit programming for the first time on the West Coast in conjunction with the JPMA Baby Show. For several years JPMA has traditionally hosted the JPMA Summit & Annual Meeting in Washington, DC in February where industry compliance, legal and executive team members gathered to hear the most critical information about existing, new and emerging requirements that impact design and production decisions.

2017 marks a historic year for JPMA with the launch of the JPMA Baby Show taking place in Anaheim, CA, May 9 – 13, 2017. This year also marks a significant change in our nation’s government, which has resulted in new regulatory agency leadership. The CPSC will always remain focused on product safety, regardless of the political party, or agency leaders that are in place at any given time.  Further, the issues affecting our industry no longer reside solely at the federal level. States and even local legislatures are getting involved in an effort to solve perceived safety risks.


Safety is and always will be a priority for JPMA and the juvenile products industry. While the location of the traditional JPMA Summit programming is changing, the goal of educating the industry on the critical compliance issues that affect your business remains the same.

Participants will receive the important legislative, regulatory and compliance content that they are used to receiving from JPMA, while also accessing the trade show floor where product innovation comes to life. Compliance and legal professionals attending the JPMA Baby Show will become astute observers of innovation as they continue to support solutions to the newest trends influencing the baby products industry within their own companies.

Exhibitors, non-exhibiting manufacturers, retailers, service providers and other interested parties are invited to participate. If you have not already registered, you can do so by clicking the register button below.