Why Exhibit?

Introducing a new series of trade and consumer events presented by the most trusted resources in the pre-natal to preschool products marketplace.

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) has teamed up with Family Media, producers of the NY Baby Show, to create an events powerhouse rich in industry leadership and relationships, event execution expertise and respected media platforms.

The JPMA Baby Show, the cornerstone of this series, is a new kind of trade event. It will pack conference programming, exhibits, meetings, media opportunities, consumer engagement and more into a week, allowing industry members to maximize their financial investment and time out of the office.


  • The JPMA Baby Show, May 9-13, is the only combination conference + trade + consumer event in the U.S.
  • There will be no better place in 2017 to listen, talk, learn and transact business! JPMA Baby Show attendees will include a Who’s Who of important contacts in the juvenile products industry.
  • Gain valuable access to the consumers who purchase your products. Your investment in the JPMA Baby Show extends to a one-day consumer show on Saturday with no additional cost. One set up, two shows, one price.
  • Learn while you earn: industry thought leaders will provide valuable conference education on topics supporting your success in the juvenile products industry. Regulatory and compliance issues, marketing and PR, access to capital and other timely topics will be covered.
  • Media Matters. By combining the reach of Family Media with a fully integrated media campaign, we will provide unprecedented exposure for our sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Family Media has made the New York Baby Show the largest and most successful baby event in the U.S. That expertise will be applied to ensure strong turnout on consumer day in Anaheim and throughout the Series.
  • Support the Show/Support the Industry. Proceeds from the Baby Show Series will be used in support of JPMA’s mission to advance the health and vitality of the juvenile products industry.
  • Membership has its privileges! JPMA members receive discounted booth pricing for all Baby Series Shows, first access to select booth location at the JPMA Baby Show, and other valuable benefits and discounts.
  • The JPMA’s Innovation Awards will be celebrated in style at the JPMA Baby Show. The year's best products and industry innovators will be recognized in an expanded format.
  • Key industry retailers: large and small, chain and independent, domestic and international, and non-traditional/new format buyers – the universe of juvenile products buyers will be represented
  • Media: trade, consumer and local media; social media influencers, and other media will be present to promote the industry and your business
  • Service providers: PR firms, testing labs, insurance companies, consultants, and more will be on site to ensure you have access to those who know and understand the juvenile products industry Trade, Consumer and local media
  • Parents: New and expecting families join the event on Saturday providing the opportunity for marketing, branding and market research activities.

No other business-to-business event in the juvenile products space includes a consumer day as part of the exhibit package.

Consumer shows are gaining steam with expectant and new parents seeking to learn more about products directly from the manufacturers. Here’s your chance to try out a consumer show at no additional fee, travel or booth execution!

The Anaheim Baby Show will open to the public for:

  • Exhibits of products and services geared to new parents
  • Educational programming presented by parenting and safety experts
  • Product testing- test drive a stroller on the multi-terrain Stroller Track
  • An opportunity to sell products directly or drive consumers to your retail outlets
  • Product research- a way for parents to learn more and try before they buy

The Anaheim Baby Show gives you direct access to your potential customers to learn more about behaviors, collect contact information and most importantly get feedback on your products

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